Tony Fast


Spatial Statistics

Spatial Statistics are one of my mainstays in my Feature Indentification toolset for materials science. Spatial statistics enable objective statistical measures of multimodel, spatiotemporal, complete and partial datasets. This FFT-based Matlab code base is growing in content. Minimum Viable Publication is being applied in the development of the research and code base.

Minimum Viable Publication

Minimum Viable Publication is an idea I am appropriating to research science from the "Lean Start-Up" by Eric Reis. Minimum Viable Publication promotes rapid, real-time reporting of research science in a blog-aware framework. Matlab scripts and Matlab structures are easily converted into webpages. The webpages are hosted by Github pages, the blog content is interpretted by Jekyll, and Bootstrap 3 provides the front-end framework.


Most folks are fortunate enough to finish their Ph.D. and never have to relive the experience again. Recently, Daniel Wheeler in Materials Measurements Lab organized a workshop to learn about the technologies I developed in my thesis. Daniel has written a full python module called PyMKS which is Pythonic version of the Materials Knowledge System. This project is constantly being updated for the remainder of the summer.